I help businesses get traction with real customers by making their brands stronger through research driven branding.

How can research driven branding help my business?


The Audit

What is it?

During a one-on-one call, we dig into your needs, goals, and existing strategies to best determine how to move your business forward. Using that data, I do research and write up a report detailing areas needing improvement with actionable items on how to fix them.

What you get

  •   One hour intro call
  •   Google Analytics setup
  •   Analysis of your brand
  •   Analysis of your customers
  •   Analysis of your product category
  •   Analysis of your competition
  •   Detailed report with problems and actionable fixes
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The Fix

What is it?

Once you have gone through The Audit, and you have your actionable items, we have a call to discuss the specific fixes you want implemented and the status of your current site. Since every brand's needs are different, I write a proposal detailing the items from our call to ensure that we are on the same page. Once the proposal is signed off on, I get to work on implementing the fixes for your site.

What you get

  •   One hour consultation
  •   Custom tailored proposal
  •   Implementation of fixes on your site
  •   Flat rate pricing (you don't pay for overages)
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Why do you need a branding consultant?

Why should you trust me?

A few words on success

“My first experience with Richard was such a success that when I went to work on my next project, he was one of the first consultants I called.

  Dave Banks at Gas Buddy

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you don't get value out of my services, I will refund 100% of funds paid. I want to add value to your business. If I don't add value, I don't get paid.


I only focus on your core brand and how to leverage it to better position your business in the consumer's mind. I do extensive research on your brand, competition, customers, and product category. I leverage proven branding techniques like positioning and emphasis on the core principles of branding on your behalf. I don't spread my efforts thin by trying to build your site from the ground up or designing your logo. I don't focus on short term gains; rather, I want to provide value and insights on how to build and maintain sustained growth. Other people try to compensate for a of lack specialization. Instead of doing many things half focused and poorly, I focus on one thing: using research and data to make your brand stronger.

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